Jerusalem Encounter Tour and Conference

June 12-22, 2019

One part tour, one part conference, this 10-day experience will immerse you in the land of the Bible as you interact with the people and culture of Israel. Worship on the Sea of Galilee; walk where Jesus walked; and hear engaging local and international speakers share what God is doing in Israel today. Prepare yourself for a life-changing journey as you explore the ancient ruins where Jesus walked and encounter the modern miracle of the land, culture, and people. Experience Israel, the world of the Bible, and enrich your relationship with Jesus as you discover the roots of your faith.

*Payment deadlines must be met in order to participate in this trip. Northwood Church uses each payment to purchase necessary trip expenses shortly following the posted deadlines. Therefore, payments are non-refundable, and failure to meet these deadlines will result in the removal of a team member and/or the cancellation of the trip.

Trip Leader

Rob Mims

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Trip Dates

June 12-22

Registration Deadline

Jan. 13, 2019

Individual Cost

$4,200 (price includes travel accommodations, breakfast, dinner and room)

**Pricing is approximate and may be subject to change.

Space is limited and spots will be filled on first come first served basis.

Payment Due Dates

•    Jan. 13 - $200.  Sign up Deadline.

•    Feb. 1 - $1000. This will bring your account to $1,200

•    Mar. 1 - $1000 This will bring your account to $2,200

•    April 1 - $1000 This will bring your account to $3,200

•    May 1 - $1000. This will bring your account to full payment of $4,200

**Payments/contributions are non‐refundable and non‐transferable

**Failure to meet payment deadlines may result in removal from trip



  1. Jan. 13

  2. Feb. 11

  3. March 11

  4. April 8

  5. May 6

  6. June 10



•    Attend all Team Meetings

•    Meet all payment deadlines

•    Be at least 18 years old (or be with a parent or guardian)

What does the trip cost include?

The trip cost is all-inclusive and covers:

  • Charter Bus from Northwood Gulfport Campus to New Orleans Airport

  • Round Trip flight from New Orleans to Tel Aviv

  • Nine night stay at 4-star hotels throughout Israel

  • Group transfer between hotel and airport upon arrival and departure

  • Travel by private, air-conditioned, deluxe motor coach

  • Breakfast and dinner provided each day (lunch not included)

  • Entrance fees to all sites including Israel National Parks

  • Boat ride on the Sea of Galilee

  • Baptism in the Jordan River

  • Teachings from FIRM Members at Biblical sites

  • Admission fee to the Jerusalem Encounter Conference

  • All taxes and gratuities

It does not include lunch, snacks and souvenirs.

Who May Come:

Adults ages 18 and older. Families are welcome to join.

What are the accommodations?

Four Star Hotel or better

What Should I Bring:

Hygiene Necessities: Please bring everything that you will need for showering and daily hygiene.

Clothing: Please bring modest clothing, including a one piece swimming suit and a light jacket.

Bible, Pen & Notepad: You will be participating in a 2 day conference. Come expecting!

Cell Phones: It is recommended you speak with your carrier to let them know you are going out of country so they can give you the international rate pass.

Passport: You will need a valid passport for this trip.


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