Guatemala Christmas: Medical

Individual Cost:

The cost is $1250, and this includes flight, most meals, room and board, and travel within the country to various villages for our daily outreaches. 

Passport required.  Additional vaccines not necessary.   

Application Deadline:

Sign-up deadline is June 1, 2018. 

Payment Deadlines: 

First payment of $250 due at sign-up.

Second payment of $500 due August 1. 

Last payment of $500 due September 1. 

Cost of mission trip is tax-deductible.

Other Important Dates:

First team meeting will be the first Saturday in June at 5:00 pm at the home of Jimmy & Glynnis Randall, and then monthly thereafter (times will be announced once sign-up is complete).  Team meetings will be mandatory, but children and family members are welcome to attend.

Project Leader:

Jimmy and Glynnis Randall

About this Project:

Our outreaches will be Christ-centered and Christmas oriented.  The group will share in daily praise and worship, devotionals and all outreaches.  Outreaches consist of sorting/preparing grocery baskets and their delivery to families unable to travel to usual mission sites, distribution of shoe-box Christmas gifts to local children, setting up a "tent community" at a nearby dump where approximately 8 families live, serving lunch and having a Christmas party at a growing Christian church currently meeting in a shed (we will provide groceries, clothing, gifts and vitamins to the community around this church), and likely visiting orphanages and feeding centers and assisting with needs we find along the way! 

This is not a medical mission trip, but some basic first aide, medication assistance and reading glasses distribution will be part of our daily outreaches.  The individual group will have the chance to determine some of what we plan to accomplish on our mission, and we will make time daily to discuss ideas and be sensitive to what He has for us to do for Him while we are there.  Overall good health is needed to participate in outreaches (walking, riding rough roads), but no heavy physical labor will be required.

We will have scheduled activities for outreaches, but also "down time" for spiritual revival, fun and relaxation.  Some activities are optional for each individual or family to participate (an extra fee will apply for those wishing to join) - a chartered fishing trip and a day spa in the hot springs of an underground volcano!  For those not participating in these "extra" events, free activities will be available at the hotel villas.

Who may come:

This mission trip is for adult individuals, couples, and families bringing children ages 10 and up.

What are the accommodations: 

We will fly out of New Orleans on December 26 and return to New Orleans on January 3.  The group will stay together (families and couples will be roomed together) in 2 villas (equipped with electricity, full kitchens and bathrooms) in Antigua, Guatemala.  The group will be limited to 16 participants and will travel by passenger van from the airport in Guatemala City, Guatemala.

What we will eat: 

Most meals will be prepared by team members in our private kitchens.  The menu will be decided by the team once sign-up is complete.  Snacks and water will always be available in every room.

What should I bring: 

Clean linens and basic toiletries are provided by the hotel villas.  Dress will be modest casual.  Shorts or tank tops will NOT be allowed except while inside private hotel or villa rooms.  Scrubs are preferred (non-medical team members also).  One church-appropriate outfit will be needed, and comfortable, closed-toed shoes.  We will wear team t-shirts during airport travel.  Jeans are fine, as long as modest.