Our desire at Northwood Church is to encourage and help each individual gifted in music and vocals to reach their potential in serving. This desire has challenged us to formulate a worship development track that will help accomplish the goal of raising up musicians, singers, and worship leaders. Nfuse is the training track of Northwood worship, and it is geared for those who truly desire to use their gifts in music and singing to serve in Northwood Church. Ages are seventh grade and up. You must also have completed all four weeks of growth track before entering Nfuse. If you are interested in being part of the future of worship here at Northwood, simply sign up at the link above. We are excited to be able to see you fulfill the purpose and plan that God has for your life in the area of worship.

Jordan Ducote
Gulfport Campus Pastor and Worship Director

Here at Northwood Church, our desire is to help people know God. The way NC Worship helps to make that happen is by creating an environment where people can connect with God, and then take their experience from church and live a life of worship throughout their week.

Here is how you can be apart:

Audition for Nfuze

Once you submit your nfuze application, we ask you to record yourself via your phone camera playing and/or singing your favorite worship song.  The nfuze coordinator will send you an email regarding your personal audition, including what song to prepare. All auditions are held on the third Thursday of the month at 6 pm at the Gulfport campus.

The auditions are very relaxed. We will listen to your song and even play along with you. For vocal auditions you will sing the melody and asked to harmonize with someone else on the melody. For instrumentalists, you will play along with another instrumentalist.

If you pass the audition, you will start the following week in Nfuze.

Nfuze commitment and expectations:

There is a certain level of commitment that is required from Nfuze participants and our worship teams. Here are a few things to expect:

1.  Weekly commitment: Nfuze has 2 phases consisting of 3 month semesters . Phase 1 consists of intense heart and technical training and is held every Thursday evening at the Gulfport campus at 6pm to about 6:50pm.  Phase 2 consists of joining the Sunday morning worship team at your respective campus during their rehearsal at 7 pm. Barring a sickness or emergency, you are expected to attend every week until you have graduated from Nfuze.

2.  Musical preparation: rehearsals are infinitely smoother when everyone has listened to, practiced with, and memorized the scheduled music. Being prepared also means having any gear or equipment that you need for practice, including in-ear buds for phase 1 (please don't spend too much!). Unless otherwise posted you are expected to learn your parts exactly like the MP3s given on planning center (or PCO )giving special attention to the tonal qualities of each instrument. for teamwork to happened effectively, we rely on you to play your part accordingly.

3. Attitude: when ideas or suggestions are presented and received with a good attitude, the results are monumental for effective team building.  if there are technical, musical, or miscellaneous complications, keep attitude is positive and morale high. Be open to the constructive criticismof the infuse coordinators or leaders. They are trying to pull out every bit of greatness in you they can find so be patient and receptive of constructive feedback.

4. Punctuality: everyone's time is valuable. It's important that everyone be punctual for rehearsals so that we can use our limited time as efficiently as possible. arriving five minutes early is always a good idea. Being on time is a respect issue. Tardiness communicates a lack of respect for your colleagues, for Northwood Church, and for the Lord. If an unexpected situation arises and you know you will be late, please communicate as quickly as possible with the nfuze leaders.

5. Dress code: Northwood has a very relaxed "unofficial dress" code. However there are a few basic requirements. Jeans and a nice shirt is a great start.  Shoulders,cleavage, and the midsection should be covered at all times. Skirts are allowed if they are maxi length. Leggings can be worn as long as a tunic goes down close to the knee. Shorts of any length or any article of clothing with questionable text or graphics should not be worn. No holes in clothing and no flip flops. We want everybody's focus to be on God. Anything that takes focus off of him as a hindrance to our ultimate goal. Should your choice of clothing not meet the standard you will not be able to rehearse (or perform on stage) until it has been resolved.